Teen abuse

Teen Abuse

Teens who abuse their girlfriends or boyfriends abuse them in the same way  that adults abuse their partners. Teen dating violence is just as serious as adult domestic violence and according to research it is becoming more and more common.

A recent study in 3 Wigan secondary schools of year 9 girls consisting of 400 pupils only 3 girls said it was never acceptable to use violence.

The NSPCC said teenage partner violence is a significant child welfare issue and recent studies revealed that 75% teen females and 50% teen males  in relationships have suffered emotional abuse.   33% of teen females and 16% of teen males in a relationship have been sexually abused.

With the social media culture teens are increasing pressured by peer support to act in a certain way in their relationships. This causes teen partners to try and control who their partner speaks to, what pictures of others they like and who they follow.  ​