Types of Abuse

“In the year ending March 2019, 1.6 million women experienced domestic abuse”.

Domestic Abuse and family abuse currently have ambiguous definitions. Speaking recently to a local police force in Lancashire their view is that Domestic Abuse can only occur between partners, ex partners or a child abusing a parent/carer, but it does not include child abuse.  Some however, would describe domestic abuse as any type of abuse within the domestic/home setting.  We have split the types of abuse into categories below:

  1. Abuse  inflicted by one person against another can include:
  2. Abuse by a family member
  3. Abuse by a stranger or non relationship/family member
  4. Bullying
  5. Child Abuse
  6. Elder abuse
  7. Gang abuse
  8. Intimate relationship abuse
  9. Parental abuse
  10. Situational Couple Violence
  11. Teen abuse