Honour Based Violence

Honour Based Violence  is when someone is abused for according to their family dishonouring their family, culture, religion. ​

Forced marriage again has its own laws and the Forced marriage unit was formed to give guidance. It is when someone is pressured to marry someone and is threatened with violence or subject to emotional/psychological abuse to agree to marry.

  • Honour based violence is an incident of abuse or violence instigated to supposedly protect family or community honour.​
  • The police recorded 11,744 honour crimes between 2010 and 2014.​
  • In 2016 the Forced Marriage Unit supported or advise in 1428 cases.​
  • On average there are 12-15 honour based killings in the UK per year.​
  • This type of abuse affects both males and females ​
  • Reasons for the abuse may be ​
  • Not following religious beliefs/traditions of the family/community​
  • Dating/talking to someone without permission of the family or from outside the culture.​
  • Refusing a forced marriage or wanting to leave a marriage.​