Murders connected with Salford/Manchester

The following stories on these pages are links to news articles about the murders of people from Salford or surrounding areas connected to domestic abuse.  Some of these murders have been classed as manslaughter, some of the victims were not killed by their partner or ex-partner,  some of them are partners of victims of abuse who were killed by the jealous ex or those killed are friends of the victims of abuse, killed by the victims partner/ex-partner. 

Some of these stories are about children all were killed by their family members or those who should have protected them. 

Each story is a lesson that should be learnt for those suffering abuse and families who think someone is being abused.  Their deaths will not be in vain, we will use their sacrifices to encourage more services and help for those who are abused.

Most importantly if you are going through abuse or have been affected by abuse please get help we do not want you to be on this list.

Nikki Campbell murdered 20th December 2017 (awaiting inquest)

Linda Parker murdered 25th September 2017

Karl Harrison murdered 19th June 2017 by girlfriends ex

Chrissy Kendal murdered 28th January 2017

Becky Ayres murdered 6th March 2014

Linzi Ashton murdered 29th June 2013