My Wedding Dress


A wet and windy September morn

the rain was coming down

the storm outside my window

hidden by my wedding gown


My big day had arrived

My life would be complete

I was marrying the man of my dreams

And he had chosen me!


In a room of nervous anticipation

My best friend and mum were by my side

Hair and makeup to perfection

It was time to become a bride


Stepping into the huge white underskirt

That fell heavy on my waist

It hurt a little but was worth it

Beautifully sewn in luxurious lace


The outer skirt, bright, white, satin.

Deep, red, roses placed elegantly with style

Sparkling. Magical. I felt beautiful for once

Shaking with excitement, I couldn’t hide my proudest smile


The bodice, slid silently, over the figure I had made.

Pearls and diamonds twinkled bright

I brushed down with pride the dress I had designed,

As my mum pulled the laces tight.



She placed the veil perfectly,

Like the princess I always wanted to be

Prince charming had swept me off my feet

Little did I know what awaited me.


The hidden storm, my perfect world.

On my wedding night was shattered

As he took what he said was “rightfully his”

The longed for, dress, discarded, bruised.  Savaged and battered.


It took many years of numbness

To break free from the bond, I thought was love

A feeling of deserving pain and heartache

Because I was never good enough.


No one understands the mental pain

To the outside world I seem so strong

But the nightmares and anxiety

Teach me my journey is still long.


The scars run deeper than broken bones

You all think you know what you would do

Try years of self-doubt, enforced by society’s blame

And judgement that never walked a day in my shoes