Parental Abuse


Many parents are abused by their children, both under 16 and over 16. Violence is a common societal part of our culture with glorifying violence in films, video games.

‘Parental abuse’ – where an older child causes physical, psychological or financial damage to a parent with the intention of controlling the relationship – appears to be a hidden yet increasingly prevalent problem.

This could be a number of things including:-

  1. Demanding money from the parent
  2. Taking over the household
  3. Not respecting boundaries
  4. Being aggressive or physical with the parent
  5. Name calling, bullying.
  6. Refusing to give parent medication or get medical treatment

Our service help parents who talk about their children abusing them, controlling them. Sometimes this could be the young adult or an adult child suffering from substance abuse or mental health issues, which can lead to the abuser becoming controlling or aggressive towards the parent.