Safety Planning

If you had to leave quickly, every minute is important.  Do you know what you would take if you had very little time?

It is essential that you plan for a time that you may have to leave in a hurry or what to do in an emergency.  You can plan this over time so that you have things ready just in case.

If you have left the relationship you need to be aware that both yourself, your children and your neighbours may need to know plans for escaping if your abuser tries to get to you at home or elsewhere.

It can be quite daunting telling your children about these plans and this should be age appropriate to their needs.  Just like you may do a fire escape plan you can practice an escape plan if you or they are in danger, for example if someone broke into the house.


Salford Women’s Aid have a comprehensive plan that you should look at.  It will give you different ideas of what you may need to do or take with you. It can be found by following this link 

Salford Womens Aid Domestic Violence Safety Plan


Also safety planning ideas on this website

Safety Planning Get Help for Yourself




Safe Lives also have a safety plan for young people.