The Survivor Project

Wings of Butterflies inspired by Angels

The Survivor Project began in 2012 after the murder of young mum Leanne Mcnuff in Droylesden.

This website endeavours to help those who have suffered from any type of abuse. There are many links to services within your local area and nationally which may be helpful to survivors of abuse and those that are supporting them. This website is a legacy for Leanne Mcnuff taken from her family.

The Survivor Project is a valuable tool to help people who have suffered any type of abuse. Looking through the website you will find invaluable advice and links to organisations in your local area that will help you or someone you are supporting. As an organisation we are available for moral support and guidance, a listening ear.  The survivor project is a non judgemental and confidential service.  We are in favour of empowering the victims of abuse to make positive changes to their life and surroundings.

We are also researching into issues around abuse in the hope to change government policies and local agency reactions to abuse.  Any feedback from users is appreciated.

Do not see yourself as a victim but a survivor.  This project was inspired by angels for butterflies like yourself.

Young mother Leanne Mcnuff the reason behind The Survivor Project

Those ANGELS include

Christine Mason my angel.  Killed herself after years of Domestic abuse by her husband.

Leanne Mcnuff – my daughter’s friend

Linzi Ashton

Becky Ayres

Esther Arogundade

Chrissy Kendall

Rania Alayed

Linda Parker

Clare Wood – (Clare’s Law)

Katie Summers

Adam Steele

Dean Darvill

Kally Gilligan and Josh Thompson

Nikki Campbell

Lastly Jane Clough whose story has touched me and inspired me to continue this work.

Their deaths should not be in vain.