Physical Abuse

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Physical abuse

Physical abuse is any type of physical action that causes an effect on the victim. It can also include threats of physical violence.

Signs of physical abuse

You may be experiencing physical abuse if someone:

  • Hits, bites, pinches, chokes or kicks you.
  • Holds you down or pushes you.
  • Pulls your hair.
  • Encourages you to physically harm yourself.
  • Stops you from doing something that can have a physical effect on your body. This includes stopping you from seeking medical attention, withholding medication, refusing to help you when you are injured, sick or pregnant and stopping you from eating, drinking or sleeping
  • Holds you prisoner or locks you out of the house.
  • Threatens violence towards yourself, someone else, or a pet.
  • Drives unsafely when you’re in the car, or abandons you somewhere unsafe.

We can support you through our helpline if you believe that you or a loved one are experiencing physical abuse, so please give us a call if you need guidance.

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