Sexual Abuse

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Sexual abuse

Sexual abuse is defined as any sexual contact that happens without consent or understanding.
Approximately 90% of those who are raped know the perpetrator before the offence.

Being in a relationship with someone does not give them the right to touch or have sex with you. If you do not consent, that is sexual assault and rape.

54% of serious sexual assaults on women over 16 are committed by a partner or ex-partner.

Signs of sexual abuse

Any unwanted sexual activity is sexual abuse, including:

  • Unwanted touching.
  • Rape (unwanted penetration).
  • Using sexual gestures.
  • Demanding or forcing sex with the perpetrator or someone else.
  • Forcing you to enter into sex work.
  • Forcing you to take part in pornography.
  • Hurting you while having sex.
  • Refusing to use a contraceptive method.
  • Not allowing you to use a contraceptive method.
  • Insisting you get pregnant.
  • Insisting you have an abortion.
  • Calling you sexual names without your consent.
  • Exposing or lying about your sexual activity to control you or hurt you.
  • Posting sexual pictures/videos without permission (revenge porn).

We can support you through our helpline if you believe that you or a loved one are experiencing sexual abuse, so please give us a call if you need guidance.

Available support

If you have been raped or assaulted please seek out medical attention or call 999. If you do not feel able to and you believe you have been affected in any way by someone Sexually abusing you please seek out advice by contacting Salford Survivor Project on 0161 706 0468.

If you have been raped or sexually abused you can also contact St Mary’s Sexual Assault and Referral Centre on 0161 276 6515.

If you relate to this information you are not alone; there is help available. The survivor project will help you get help, whether for yourself or for a loved one.

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